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The Clear Waters Serenity Center was created to be a safe haven for people to come for healing, learning, information, and to enhance their life's journey and to understand.

Spiritual/Medium & You (3 Levels)
Certified Reiki (All 3 Degrees)
Shamanism (4 Levels)
Grief Counselling $65
House blessings/clearings (Call For Price)
Tarot Card Classes (2 Levels)
Aura Photo Interpretation Classes
Life Transitions & Meditations Class
Guest Teachers - Check Calendar or Call for Details

Ionic Detox Foot Spa = $40.00

Klini Chair = $40.00

Aura Photos = $40.00

Certified Holistic Life Coaching = $65.00

Call (260) 459-9200 or Email to set up your appointment

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